Dear Customer,

Our team has completed maintenance on VidyoCloud™  platform.

The following changes have been completed:

Recording Profile Changes: We will be changing the recording profiles to simplify the recording options and improve the user experience. From now users will have two HD recording options:

Application and Video – This layout records both shared media and participants video.

Application preferred – This layout records shared media only when present, it records participants when there is none.

Updating our certificate: We’re updating certs on all VidyoCloud sites to ensure ongoing secure connections to our infrastructure.

VidyoDesktop 3.6.9: We’re releasing a new version of VidyoDesktop to support MacOS Sierra and include additional language support for Danish.

The following changes have been deferred to future maintenance windows:

Firewall Updates

VidyoWeb Updates

If you would like further information or need additional assistance, please contact VidyoCloud™  Support at 1-844-48-VCaaS (488-2227) or +1-201-620-6955.

VidyoCloud™  Support Team

Tel:1-844-48-VCaaS (488-2227), +1-201-620-6955



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