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Vidyo Upgrade Steps Lookup Tool


If you have on-premises Vidyo Server: This tool provides the steps to upgrade from one version to another.

Note 1:
Please log into before clicking on the link to the software.

Note 2:
If you are a healthcare provider with Epic integration, please read this document before proceeding with any upgrades to your servers.

Note 3:
In accordance with the Vidyo End of Life Process Announcement for Vidyo Server Components Based on ASUS and Supermicro Platforms, these platforms are no longer under software maintenance. Therefore, if you have these platforms, upgrading to VidyoPortal/VidyoRouter version 3.3.4 will be blocked. To determine the platform of your Vidyo server, please review the instructions in the "Upgrade Notices" section of the VidyoPortal/VidyoRouter Release Notes

Note 4:
Please note that 18.2.1 contains VidyoRouter with Vidyo SDK 2.1.5 which contains only SPEEX for audio while 18.3.1/18.4.0 contains VidyoRouter with Vidyo SDK 2.2.x containing OPUS for audio.

1. Pick Vidyo server:

2. Pick current version:

3. Pick the version you are upgrading to:




For compatibility with Vidyo client software, please click here to download the compatibility matrix.

1. Before proceeding with any upgrades, please read through all release notes for versions that are referenced on this page.
2. When upgrading the VidyoPortal, it is recommended to take a database backup and download the backup to local storage.

Revision 3.3.21

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