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If you have an on-premises Vidyo server, such as a VidyoPortal™, VidyoRouter™, VidyoGateway™, VidyoReplay™, or Vidyo Server for WebRTC, you can use the Upgrade Steps Lookup Tool included in this article to determine what steps you need to take to upgrade from the software you’re currently running to a newer version. 

This article also provides information about important steps you should take before beginning the upgrade procedure.

Before Upgrading 

Perform the following steps before upgrading your server:

  1. If you are upgrading the VidyoPortal, we highly recommend that you back up the database and download the backup to local storage before you begin the upgrade procedure.
  2. Log in to the Vidyo Help Center:
  3. Go to the Release Notes section of the Vidyo Help Center and read the Release Notes that correspond to the version you're upgrading to:
  4. Refer to the following articles to ensure compatibility with the version you are planning to upgrade to:

Upgrading Using the Upgrade Steps Lookup Tool 

Unless you are a healthcare provider using Epic integration, you should use the Upgrade Steps Lookup Tool below when you are ready to perform the upgrade. 

If you are using Epic integration, refer to Vidyo and Epic Integration with VidyoConnect Context-Aware Linking (CAL).


  • VidyoGateway versions 3.5.x and VidyoReplay versions 3.1.x do not work with VidyoPortal and VidyoRouter version 20.2.0 and later. You must upgrade your VidyoGateway and/or VidyoReplay to a version newer than 3.5.x and 3.1.x, respectively, in order to be compatible with VidyoPortal and VidyoRouter version 20.2.0 and later. To obtain the software package you need to download, refer to the VidyoGateway Packages or VidyoReplay Packages article.
  • You may notice better audio quality if you upgrade to VidyoRouter version 18.3.1 and later. This is because VidyoRouter versions 18.2.1 and earlier include Vidyo SDK 2.1.5, which contains SPEEX for audio, whereas VidyoRouter versions 18.3.1 and later include Vidyo SDK 2.2.x, which contains OPUS for audio. Your VidyoGateway(s) will need to be upgraded to 4.2.1+ to maintain fully compatibility as well. Please refer to Compatibility Matrix for full details.


Use the following Upgrade Steps Lookup Tool to perform the upgrade:

1. Select the server you want to upgrade:

2. Select the version of software you are currently using:

3. Select the version of software you want to upgrade to:





Downloading Your Software Upgrade Files 

Proceed to the Downloads page for your software upgrade files.  

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  • Avatar
    Jörg Langner



    thanks for the quik responce. But i can´t find the download link for the security update 20.





    Here is the link:

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  • Avatar
    Permanently deleted user

    do we need to upgrade from to ? the tool does not reflect. 


    Which server?

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  • Avatar
    Todd Fleisher

    This tool seems to be missing 19.2 - and the release notes for 19.3 say you can only upgrade from 19.2 so the tool claiming 19.1 -> current seems inaccurate

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  • Avatar
    Jeong-Joon Kim

    We still use this tool in our on-premises environment. It needs to be fixed as of v23.4.0, which is the latest version of PortalServer. I think the problem is that it only goes up to v22.4.1, so I don't know what steps to take to upgrade from a lower version to a higher version.

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