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Using the VidyoConnect Recording Feature and Setting Recording Profiles


This article has been archived. For the most current information, see the Using VidyoConnect: About Each Feature article.


If you have purchased our VidyoReplay system, you can easily record your VidyoConnect conferences and then send the link of the recordings to the participants in the call as well as to others who may have missed the call. (There is no need to send a file.)

VidyoReplay enables you to record using either of these profiles: APPLICATION AND VIDEO or APPLICATION PREFERRED. This article includes the following sections which describe both of these profiles as well as how to share the links to the call recordings: 


Accessing the Control Meeting Page to Set a Recording Profile

This section describes how to use the VidyoConnect Control Meeting page to set a recording profile and to start recording.

For more information about the VidyoConnect moderation controls, refer to the "Using the Browser-Based Moderator Controls in the Control Meeting Page" section of the Using the VidyoConnect Moderation Capability article.


To access the Control Meeting page to set a recording profile:

  1. Join a call using the VidyoConnect desktop application.
  2. Click the Moderate Call button at the lower-left corner of the Participants and Search panel in the VidyoConnect desktop application.
    The Moderate call pop-up displays.

  3. Click Open in browser 2.png to access the VidyoConnect Control Meeting Page.
    The Control Meeting page displays.

  4. Click Record RecordButton.png on the Control Meeting page.
    The Recording Options pop-up displays. 

  5. Select a recording profile from the Record Profile drop-down.
    For more information about the two recording profiles, refer to the following subsections.
  6. Click Record


The APPLICATION AND VIDEO recording profile, which is the default, displays both the shared content and the conference participants. The shared content displays on the left (taking up most of the screen) with participants displayed on the right. 

The participant tiles may appear differently from what is shown in the illustration above. For example, in some cases, a tile may display only the participant's initials if that participant's camera is muted. 



The APPLICATION PREFERRED recording profile displays the shared content front and center (full screen), making it the primary display in your recording. If you do not share content during the conference, the participants will display in the recording. 

Sending Call Recording Links

When you have finished recording your call, you can send the link of the recording to the participants in the call as well as to others who may have missed the call. 

To send call recording links:

  1. When your call is over or whenever you want to stop the recording, click Stop 7.png near the "Recording..." indication on the left panel of the VidyoConnect desktop application.
    The "Are you sure you want to stop recording?" message displays.

  2. Click Stop recording
    The recording stops, the "You can view your call recordings at the following address (click to view in your browser)" message displays, and a link to the call recording link populates in the lower-left corner of the VidyoConnect application. 

  3. Click the call recording link.
    The VidyoReplay library page displays with all of the recordings.
  4. Click the recording that you want to send.
    The recording opens in a new window.
  5. Copy the URL link for the recording and send it to the participants and/or others who may be interested in the call's content. 

In order to play recordings, you must have Adobe Flash Player installed. If you want to use Chrome to view the videos, see the Enable Flash on Chrome for VidyoReplay Videos article.

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