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Inviting External Members of Private or Public Channels to a Conference


To invite external members of private or public room to a conference:

  1. Click the name of the channel from the Channels section in the left panel.

  2. Enter /vidyo followed by a space and the “@” symbol in the text box field.

  3. Select the appropriate username from the list of usernames that displays.

  4. Press the Enter key on your keyboard twice.

    A confirmation message displays stating “Vidyo Meeting has been started by…” along with the Click here to join link for the member to use to join the conference. A notification also displays in the member’s slackbot. A pin displays if you are inviting an external member of a private channel to a conference.

    All members of the channel must click the Click here to join link to invoke the VidyoConnect Client or VidyoDesktop Client.
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