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Installing the Vidyo App


If you are the admin for your Slack team and your Vidyo deployment, take a moment to complete the Vidyo app installation.


To install the Vidyo app:

  1. Navigate to the Vidyo Slack Integration landing page from the Slack app directory by entering “Vidyo” in the search field. You can also click here.

  2. Enter your Vidyo admin credentials and click Authenticate to log in.

    Once your credentials are authenticated, the Add to Slack button displays.

  3. Click the Add to Slack button.

    The Slack Authorization screen displays.

  4. Click the Authorize button to confirm.

    The Settings screen displays where you can change your VidyoPortal or uninstall the Vidyo integration from this slack team.

    Now Vidyo is available! Let your team know they can begin meeting over Vidyo at any time through a simple Slack command (i.e., /vidyo). Encourage users to get started by creating a #learntousevidyo channel with basic information and instructions pinned.  You can even create a channel to allow users to experience the Vidyo integration first hand!
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