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Forcing a Hot Standby From the System Console on Your Active VidyoPortal


To force a Hot Standby on your Active VidyoPortal:

  1. Open a new System Console for your Active VidyoPortal using the Cluster IP or FQDN address.

    For more information, see Preparing Specific IP and FQDN Values for Your VP1, VP2, and Cluster.

    Press the Enter key after each prompt.

  2. Force a Hot Standby using the following steps:

    • Select m > H from the main menu to access the Standby VidyoPortal’s Hot Standby Menu.
    • Enter E to select the Force Standby option.
    • Enter y to confirm forcing your Active VidyoPortal into Standby mode.

    Your System Console session is automatically disconnected from your VidyoPortal while it is forced into Standby mode.

    Alternatively, a Force Standby can be done via the Super Admin portal using Forcing the Active VidyoPortal into Standby Mode from the Super Admin Portal.

  3. Close the System Console which is now disconnected from your VidyoPortal.

Repeat the previous procedures starting with Switching to Maintenance Mode and Upgrading Your Standby VidyoPortal for the Standby VidyoPortal – which was just the Active machine before you forced the Standby during the previous step – to complete upgrades on both of your VidyoPortal machines.

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