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Checking the Status of the Hot Standby Configuration


The database status is not shown until you perform the initial Hot Standby database synchronization using Triggering the First Database Synchronization from VP1.


To check the status of the Hot Standby configuration:

  1. Access the Super Admin portal of the Active VidyoPortal using the Cluster IP or FQDN address.

    For more information, see Preparing Specific IP and FQDN Values for Your VP1, VP2, and Cluster.

    The Components page displays by default.

  2. Click the Settings tab.

    The Upload System License page displays by default.

  3. Click to the left of Hot Standby on the left menu.

  4. Click Status from the submenu.

    The Status page displays.

    The following screenshot does not actually show the database synchronization taking place.

    The Status table displays. This is a read-only table that contains the following Hot Standby information:

    • Current Role – UNKNOWN displays if the VidyoPortal is in Maintenance mode; otherwise, ACTIVE displays.
    • Cluster IP – The IP address of the VidyoPortal.
    • Server IP – The native IP address of the VidyoPortal. This IP address is used during Maintenance mode or when Hot Standby is disabled.
    • Network Status – ACTIVE displays if the VidyoPortal is reachable; UNKNOWN displays if the VidyoPortal is in Maintenance mode.
    • Preferred Primary – When both VidyoPortals initialize at the same moment, the Preferred Primary becomes the Active VidyoPortal. (You select the Preferred Primary in the Preferred Node field when you configure VP1 and VP2 using the System Console.)
    • Database Backup – The last time the database snapshot was taken for synchronization.
    • Peer Status – The status (either ONLINE or OFFLINE) of the partner VidyoPortal.
    • IP Address – The configured IP address of the peer VidyoPortal.
    • Sync – The time the database was last synchronized.

    If the VidyoPortal can communicate with its peer or partner, the two database times are the same and “In Sync” is shown in the field. If the VidyoPortal cannot communicate with its peer or partner or if the database sync failed, this field displays the time of the last sync and “Out of Sync” is shown. Statuses generally correspond to the ones shown when using the System Console during Verifying the Node Status on VP1 and VP2.

    If desired, you may leave the Super Admin portal for your Active VidyoPortal open.
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