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Enabling Vidyo Support from the System Console


The Vidyo Customer Support team has a two-stage authentication process that enables them to remotely SSH into the VidyoPortal for troubleshooting purposes. The authentication flow requires the system administrator and Vidyo Customer Support to collaborate in order to create a one-time temporary password for SSH.

To enable Vidyo Support from the System Console:

  1. Log in to the System Console.
    For more information, see Logging in to the System Console of Your Server and Changing the Default Password.
    Note: Press the Enter key after each prompt.
  2. Enter m for more options.
  3. Enter S to select the Vidyo Support option.
  4. Enter y to generate a new token for remote support access.
  5. Copy and paste the encrypted one-time password and send it to Vidyo’s Support team.
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