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Understanding CDR Configuration


The Call Detail Records (CDR) database resides on the same server as your VidyoPortal. Version 2.2 and later maintains more information than earlier versions in just two tables:

  • ConferenceCall2
    The Conference Call Table and Point-to-Point Call Table have been combined in a new single table. Some fields have been added, some deleted and some changed.

  • ClientInstallations2
    The new Client Installation Table also has new or changed fields.

The VidyoPortal has been configured to allow remote MySQL clients to read and delete the details from all the tables within the CDR database.

Because the maximum number of entries in the CDR database is limited by the size of VidyoPortal storage, we advise you to delete old entries from time to time to avoid performance issues.

The VidyoPortal server is configured to allow remote MySQL clients to read and delete data. The VidyoConferencing Admin portal allows you to grant permissions for a password and IP address, or host name for the cdraccess user.

The CDR database listens on port 3306.

The CDR access page enables you to grant permission via the access password and host IP or hostname for the cdraccess user.

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