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Enabling Encryption on the VidyoConferencing System


Before enabling the encryption option, you must first secure your VidyoPortal browsing by implementing SSL and enabling HTTPS in addition to other prerequisites mentioned at the beginning of this section. The system components rely on the SSL certificates applied to authenticate each other for the encryption security. If you have not implemented and enabled HTTPS on the VidyoPortal, please do so before enabling Encryption by clicking the Enable Encryption button.

  • For more information, see Implementing Encryption Using the Secured VidyoConferencing Option.

  • Enabling encryption enables it for full signaling and media security on the VidyoRouter, VidyoManager, and VidyoPortal. For using encryption (referred to as the Secured VidyoConferencing Option) with VidyoGateway and VidyoReplay, refer to respective security sections in the VidyoGateway and VidyoReplay Administrator Guides available from the Vidyo Support Center at
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