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Implementing Encryption Using the Secured VidyoConferencing Option


Before configuring encryption using the Secured VidyoConferencing Option, you must first secure your VidyoPortal browsing by implementing SSL and enabling HTTPS.

For more information, see Securing Your VidyoConferencing System with SSL and HTTPS.

You also must secure the connections between the VidyoDesktop, VidyoRoom, VidyoManager, and VidyoRouters as explained in the component configuration procedures Configuring Your Components to Work with HTTPS and Configuring Each VidyoPortal Component to Use Your FQDN to fully encrypt and secure your VidyoConferencing system.

With all of these items completed, this section shows you how to verify your VidyoPortal is licensed for Encryption (as having the Secured VidyoConferencing Option), how to enable it on your VidyoConferencing system, and how to test it.

Video, audio, and application traffic to the VidyoManager is encrypted with TLS (Transport Layer Security). To the VidyoRouter, it is encrypted with SRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol).

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