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Applying VidyoPortal SSL Certificates to VidyoRooms


You may need to apply the VidyoPortal’s SSL root or full chain certificate to any VidyoRoom connected to the VidyoPortal.

Your VidyoRoom contains a default bundle of common CA root and intermediate certificates. If you’re using a mainstream CA, the root and intermediate certificates may not be required to be uploaded to your VidyoRoom systems. Test each first to see if they connect successfully to the HTTPS only enabled VidyoPortal using the default bundled certificates.

If they do not connect, follow the steps in the next section to build the VidyoPortal full chain SSL certificate and apply it to your VidyoRoom.

For VidyoGateways or VidyoReplays to connect using HTTPS, they each must also be configured to connect to the VidyoPortal via HTTPS. For more information, refer to the security sections in the VidyoGateway and VidyoReplay Administrator Guides in the Vidyo Support Center at

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