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Exporting a Security Bundle Containing Your Certificate Configuration


To export a security bundle containing your certificate configuration:

  1. Log in to the Super Admin portal using your Super Admin account.

    For more information, see Logging in to the Super Admin Portal.

    The Components page displays by default.

  2. Click the Settings tab.

    The Upload System License page displays by default.

  3. Click  to the left of Security on the left menu.

  4. Click Advanced from the submenu.

    The Advanced page displays.

  5. Click Export Security Bundle.

    The Export Bundle pop-up displays.

  6. Enter a password in the Password field to encrypt the security bundle.

  7. Re-enter the password in the Confirm Password field to confirm.

  8. Click Export.

    Your browser then downloads the security_bundle.vidyo file to your computer, which contains your security configuration for transfer or backup purposes.
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