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Testing Your Configuration


From both sides of the firewall NAT, you must attempt to log in to the VidyoPortal as a Normal user. If the EMCP is traversing properly, person icons display in green. If all person icons remain grey, then either the EMCP address or port is not configured properly in the VidyoManager configuration, or the port is not configured correctly at the firewall NAT.


Once you are successfully logged in to the VidyoPortal, attempt to join the user’s own meeting room (‘My Room’). If a ‘failed to Join conference’ or ‘failed to Join router’ error message is received, then either the VidyoRouter SCIP address or port is not configured correctly in the VidyoRouter configuration, the port is not configured properly at the firewall NAT, or the VidyoPortal server or client PC is unable to resolve the Router’s FQDN.

  1. Ensure that media connections succeed (send and receive video).

    Once you have successfully joined the meeting room, you should see loopback video if you are the only participant in the room, or the video from other participants. If you receive loopback video, then it means the media is traversing in both directions. If you receive another participant’s video, ask them if they are receiving your video. If both sides are receiving each other’s video, then that too means media traversal is working in both directions. If media traversal does not take place, then the UDP port range is not properly configured at the firewall NAT.

  2. Test from both the Inside LAN and from the Public Network by using the same URL – e.g., http://[].

  3. Test from each remote network segment if using multiple Media Address Maps.
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