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Configuring DNS and FQDN


For the firewall NAT traversal to properly communicate between servers and clients through the IP address translations, DNS must be configured properly for hosting the Vidyo servers in the DMZ or behind the NAT. In firewall deployments, Vidyo communicates based on DNS information rather than exposing IP addresses.

The DNS servers for both inside and outside networks (if different) must be configured for the Vidyo server’s fully qualified domain name (FQDN). In our example, we are assuming the server is using the FQDN of

Configure both public and private DNS records for the server FQDN. Regardless where the client resides, it needs to match the same hostname to the proper IP address, public Internet clients resolve to the outside NAT address, and internal WAN clients resolve to the inside IP address (either real IP or NAT inside address if double NAT is used) when they access the server URL. To test, from both the inside and outside subnets, ping to the server URL.

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