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Configuring VidyoConferencing With a Firewall NAT


In this section, we’ll discuss the steps to configure the VidyoPortal and VidyoRouter in a NATed firewall or DMZ environment. For this, the Vidyo servers are installed either fully behind a firewall on the corporate LAN, or installed in the firewall DMZ with one or more NATed addresses and Static IP address. The figure below illustrates an example of firewall NAT topologies.


This appendix doesn’t apply to deployments using a VidyoProxy. Separate instructions are available for use with a VidyoProxy. The two deployment scenarios can coexist.

For this configuration, there are three tasks to accomplish:

  1. Firewall NAT Configuration

  2. DNS configuration

  3. Vidyo Server configurations

Actual steps to configure the Firewall NAT and DNS environments are outside the scope of this appendix, and vary based on the Firewall NAT and DNS servers used. This appendix focuses on conceptual information.

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