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Configuring OCSP Overview


OCSP must be enabled in the VidyoGateway, VidyoPortal, and VidyoRouter. OCSP must then be enabled for each application (VidyoGateway and VidyoRouter) on the VidyoPortal.

The VidyoPortal, VidyoRouter, and VidyoGateway support Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) verification. OCSP verification can be enabled on the following pages:

  • VidyoPortal and VidyoRouter vr2conf
  • VidyoPortal Super Admin
  • VidyoPortal User portal (only supported in an environment with no VidyoRooms)
  • VidyoPortal Tenant Admin
  • VidyoGateway Admin

Before enabling OCSP, you must do the following:

  • Ensure that HTTPS is configured and enabled.
  • Ensure that a valid CA Root has been uploaded. All Certificate Authorities and Intermediates for the certificates presented must be present in the CA Root.
  • Ensure that a valid Certificate Bundle has been uploaded.

For a Certificate to be verified, its entire Certificate Authority Chain must be verifiable via the configured OCSP responder. If it is not, verification will fail even if the certificate is valid.

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