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Understanding How to Add a Tenant


Use the following steps to add or configure a tenant. Some steps can be skipped if your installation or the tenant you’re configuring has not licensed certain capabilities.

  1. Configure basic tenant settings.

  2. Permit cross-tenant access.

  3. Assign VidyoProxy components.

  4. Assign VidyoGateway components (skip if VidyoGateway is not being used).

  5. Assign VidyoReplay Recorder components (skip if VidyoRecorder is not being used).

  6. Assign VidyoReplay components (skip if VidyoReplay is not being used).

  7. Assign location tags.

  8. Save the tenant configuration.

In the following topic there are frequent references to the Left Arrow button and the Right Arrow button. This is what they look like: Left Arrow button: left_arroww.png Right Arrow button: right_arrow.png

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