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Making Configurations on Your VidyoPortal for Your VidyoGateway


To make configurations on your VidyoPortal for your VidyoGateway:

  1. Add the VidyoGateway as a component on your VidyoPortal.

    If you performing an initial VidyoGateway setup, you must add the VidyoGateway as a component in your VidyoConferencing system.

    For more information, see Adding a VidyoGateway to Your VidyoPortal.

  2. Assign the VidyoGateway to a tenant.

    If you are running a multi-tenant system, assign it to the appropriate tenant.

    For more information, see Making the VidyoGateway Components Available.

    Now you can configure additional VidyoGateway features as needed, such as creating VidyoGateway clusters, setting up call services to enable dialing between the VidyoGateway and your Legacy system (or use any of the predefined services), and integrating VoIP phones and IP PBXs.

    For more information, refer to the VidyoGateway Administrator Guide.
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