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Viewing Installed Patches in Your VidyoRouter


You can view the installed patches in your VidyoRouter from the System Upgrade tab.


To view installed patches in your VidyoRouter:

  1. Log in to the Super Admin portal using your Super Admin account.

    For more information, see Logging in to the Super Admin Portal.

  2. Click the Components tab.

    The Manage Components left menu item is selected by default.

  3. Click on the VidyoRouter IP address (as shown in the following illustration) or browse to http://[VidyoRouter Server IP or FQDN address]/vr2conf to access the VidyoRouter Configuration Pages.


  4. Enter your VidyoRouter Administrator username and password.

    The default username is admin and the default password is password.


  5. Click Login.

    The Maintenance > Basic page displays.

  6. Click the System Upgrade subtab.


    All of the patches you have installed on your VidyoRouter display on the Installed Patches section of the screen.
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