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Telling Your Users About IPC


The VidyoDesktop Quick User Guide explains how your end users can take advantage of IPC if your organization has enabled it. However, you should keep them informed of IPC changes by following these suggestions:

  • When you first enable IPC, whether upon installation or at some other time, be sure to send out a mass email to all of your users informing them that you have enabled IPC. Refer them to the VidyoDesktop Quick User Guide for detailed information.

  • Be sure to tell them whether they can interoperate with all domains except those on your Block list or if the can interoperate only with those domains on your Allowed list.

  • Let them know whenever you add or delete a domain. You might want to include the full list reflecting the change if it’s not long. You could also keep the list up-to-date on your intranet.

  • Although your users should know how to use IPC from reading the VidyoDesktop Quick User Guide, it’s probably a good idea to recap how to use IPC:

In the Contact Search field, they must enter the Vidyo address of the person they want to call using this format: user_name@portal_name.


Remind your users that although this looks like an email address, it’s not. Rather, it’s a unique Vidyo address. To call the user hhakston (who is on a different VidyoPortal), your users would have to enter his Vidyo user name (hhakston), the @ sign, and then the domain name of his VidyoPortal (in this case, it’s Then, they can click Join Room.

Remind them also that the Join Room button is the only way they can use IPC. The Call Direct button is dimmed because IPC can’t be used to make a direct call.

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