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Customizing the Login and Welcome Banners


The Login banner displays every time your users access the login pages of the Super Admin portal, Tenant Admin portal, or VidyoConnect application (version 18.3.0 or later only). The Welcome banner displays after your users successfully log in to the Super Admin portal, Tenant Admin portal, or VidyoConnect application (version 18.3.0 or later only). 

In order for the banners to appear, they must be enabled by a Super Admin using VidyoPortal version 17.1.0 or later. The Super Admin must also enter and format the text that appears on the banners.

The banners could display, for example, a welcome message, information about your company, or security information that users need to read and acknowledge. In addition, if the Super Admin enables both the Login banner and the Welcome banner, users will also see their login history.   

To customize your Login and Welcome banners:

  1. Log into the Super Admin portal using your Super Admin account.
    For more information, see Logging in to the Super Admin Portal.
    The Components page displays by default.

  2. Click the Settings tab.
    The Upload System License page displays by default.

  3. Click PlusIcon.png next to Customization on the left menu.

  4. Click Banners from the submenu.
    The Banners page displays.


  5. Select the Login Banner checkbox to activate the Login banner.

  6. Enter and format the text for your Login banner.

  7. If you select the Welcome Banner checkbox as well as the Login Banner checkbox, users will see a dialog box displaying their login history (regardless of whether there is any Login banner text).
    • You must select both checkboxes in order for the login history to display.
    • Any information added to the Welcome Banner text input field will not be displayed in VidyoConnect.

    • The Login History dialog box displays the date and time of the last five login attempts, whether the login was successful, and the IP address used when the user logged in. When this dialog box appears, users must click the Acknowledge button to continue logging in.
  8. Click Save.
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