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Making Common Invite Text Changes


You can make the following common changes to invite text:

  • If your organization uses mobile devices that support a tap-to-connect functionality, you can add the following template to your invite: Voice only users can tap-to-connect: “[DIALIN_NUMBER], [EXTENSION]#”.

  • If your organization has disabled guest access, delete the line about joining as a first-time user from your desktop or mobile device, or to annotate with VidyoSlate on your iPad: Click [ROOMLINK] from the Email Content section.

When accessed from a tablet, roomlinks may be used to join a conference, annotate, or manage a meeting.


  • If your system includes a VidyoGateway, add the following sentence as part of your email content:

To join from a non-Vidyo conferencing endpoint: Connect through a VidyoGateway [enter your VidyoGateway IP here] using H.323 or SIP and enter meeting ID [EXTENSION].

Modify the [enter your VidyoGateway IP here] portion with your VidyoGateway IP address.


  • If your organization doesn’t use IPC, delete the line about joining from another VidyoPortal using IPC: Enter [ROOMNAME]@[TENANTURL] from the Email Content section.

  • If your organization doesn’t use VidyoVoice, delete the line about using VidyoVoice in the Voice Only section.

  • If your organization uses more than one VidyoVoice number, add the additional number or numbers in the Voice Only section.

Some browsers may not support email invitation generation due to a limitation on the number of characters in the invite text. Vidyo recommends that you generate the email invitation prior to making that text the default, and reduce the number of characters if needed.

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