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Verifying Correct Installation of VidyoPortal Licenses With the Hot Standby Option


To use the Hot Standby feature, your organization must have a Hot Standby license. No third-party software is required.

Your Hot Standby option comes with a license for each of your VidyoPortals. These two licenses are tied to specific system IDs and must be installed on the correct VidyoPortal based on the license file name (system ID). For more information, see Requesting System Licenses and Applying System License Keys.

Use the following procedure to make sure you have correctly applied the VidyoPortal licenses with the Hot Standby option.


You should plan in advance to perform the licensing and configuring of your VidyoPortals at the same time because uploading Hot Standby licenses on your VidyoPortals reduces the number of system licenses by 50% until the configuration is complete.

To verify correct installation of VidyoPortal licenses with the Hot Standby option:

  1. Open a new System Console for VP1 using the Native IP or FQDN address.


  2. Enter m for more options.

  3. Press the Enter key.


    System Console menu options are not case sensitive.

  4. Verify that the Hot Standby option displays in the menu.

    If it does, the license for your Hot Standby option is applied correctly on VP1.

    If desired, you may leave the VP1 System Console open.

    If you do not see the H. Hot Standby option, review the steps for applying system license keys. For more information, see Requesting System Licenses and Applying System License Keys.

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