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Configuring IP and DNS settings on VP1 and VP2


You must configure your IP Addresses and DNS settings for VP1 and VP2 (new or existing) using the System Console as described in Configuring the Network Settings at the System Console.

Remember that if you are adding a VidyoPortal to your existing setup in order to leverage the Hot Standby option, Vidyo strongly recommends that you change your VidyoPortal’s existing, Native IP address and FQDN to new ones so that the existing ones can be used as the Cluster IP address and FQDN.

Always reboot machines after making any IP address and DNS changes.


Tip: As you proceed, print the page containing the title Preparing Specific IP and FQDN Values for Your VP1, VP2, and Cluster and write down specific IP address and FQDN values that you designated for your VP1, VP2, and Cluster. Having this information handy makes the entire process easier.

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