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Hot Standby Overview


The Hot Standby feature is a Vidyo software option that must be purchased separately. To purchase the Hot Standby option, talk to your Vidyo sales representative.

The way you apply Vidyo FQDN-based licenses vary based on whether they are being applied when you are initially configuring both your system and the Hot Standby software option or you are applying add-on licenses to a system already synchronizing via the Hot Standby software option. For more information, see Applying Add-On Licenses to a System Already Synchronizing via the Hot Standby Software Option.

The Hot Standby option allows you to have a second VidyoPortal configured to take over in case your primary VidyoPortal is unreachable. The primary VidyoPortal is referred to as the Active VidyoPortal, and the other VidyoPortal is referred to as the Standby VidyoPortal.


Users who already have a VidyoPortal purchase an additional VidyoPortal and add it to their setup in order to leverage the Hot Standby option. Those who do not have an existing VidyoPortal install a brand new setup consisting of two new VidyoPortals.

The two VidyoPortals should be physically close to each other. If not in the same server room, they should certainly be on the same subnet in the same hosting facility.

Your Hot Standby software option may be used on a Virtual Vidyo Portal. For more information, see the Using the VidyoPortal and VidyoRouter Virtual Editions (VE) section.

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