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CDR Overview


This appendix explains how to remotely access the CDR database, how to export and purge CDR files, and describes the schema, configuration, and access mechanisms for call detail records.

Before VidyoPortal version 2.2, the VidyoConferencing system saved call details records (CDRs) on installations, conferences, and point-to-point calls in three separate tables in CDRv1:

  • The Client Installation Table (ClientInstallation) (Client installations).

  • The Conference Call Table (ConferenceCall) (Every time a user joins or leaves a conference).

  • The Point-to-Point Call Table (PointToPoint) (Every time a user makes a point-to-point call).

    Version 2.2 and later uses CDRv2 or CDRv2.1, and maintains more information in just two tables:

    • ConferenceCall2
      The Conference Call Table and Point-to-Point Call Table were combined in a single table. Some fields were added, some deleted, and some changed.

    • ClientInstallations2
      The Client Installation Table also has new or changed fields.

In addition, the following features exist in the CDRv2 and CDRv2.1 tables:

  • Recording CDR data is optional. It’s turned off by default. If you’ve been recording it, you’ll need to enable it after you upgrade to VidyoPortal version 2.2 or later.

  • There’s an option to purge CDR based on filter criteria. (This option is not available with CDRv1 and is disabled on the CDR Access page of the Super Portal.)

  • There’s an option to export CDRs in CSV format based on filter criteria. (This option is not available with CDRv1 and is disabled on the CDR Access page of the Super Portal.)

  • Your filter can be based on Tenant Name or From or To date.

  • All time stamps used in CDR tables are based on the time zone configured for the VidyoPortal.

  • The default time zone is the Eastern Time Zone (US and Canada).

You can change the time zone in the System Console. (You must be a Shell Admin user.)

As with the earlier tables, the call detail records are stored in a MySQL database on the VidyoPortal server. You need an SQL client to use the CDR database. Please refer to the SQL documentation for information on how to configure it.

VidyoPortal version 2.3 and later does not support CDRv1. If you are using CDRv1 and VidyoPortal version 2.1 and earlier, you are advised to make changes to your CDR collection programs to migrate to CDRv2 or CDRv2 prior to upgrading to VidyoPortal version 2.3 or later. If you do not do so, you will no longer be able to collect CDR information from the VidyoPortal. If you are a Vidyo Reseller or Vidyo End User with "Plus" coverage, please feel free to contact the Vidyo Customer Support team via email with any questions or if you need assistance. If you are a Vidyo End User without "Plus" coverage, please contact your Vidyo Reseller for further details.

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