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Building the VidyoPortal Full Chain SSL Certificate


If your VidyoPortal SSL chain includes intermediates, you may need to create and upload the full chain certificate to the VidyoRoom, VidyoReplay, and VidyoReplay Recorder.

An easy method to create the VidyoPortal full chain certificate is to use the certificate Export feature built into the Firefox browser.


To use the Firefox browser certificate Export, do the following:

  1. Browse to the VidyoPortal using the Firefox browser using an HTTPS request: https://[IP or FQDN address].

  2. Go to the Tools menu in Firefox once the page loads and select Page Info, and then click on the Security icon (padlock) at the top of the window; or simply click on the padlock security icon to the left of the URL or the lower right corner of the Firefox window.

  3. Click View Certificate.

  4. Click the Details tab.

  5. Click Export.

  6. Browse to the location you wish to save the exported certificate.

  7. Select 509 Certificate with chain (PEM) from the Save as Type drop-down.

  8. Enter a name for the file in the File Name field and click Save.

  9. Rename the file as desired, save it with a .crt extension, and upload as necessary to your VidyoRoom and VidyoReplay Recorder accordingly.
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