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Backing Up the Database


To back up the database:

  1. Log in to the Super Admin portal using your Super Admin account.

    For more information, see Logging in to the Super Admin Portal.

    The Components page displays by default.

  2. Click the Settings tab.

    The Upload System License page displays by default.

  3. Click  to the left of Maintenance on the left menu.

  4. Click Database from the submenu.

    The Database page displays.

  5. Click Backup.


    A pop-up displays.


  6. Enter an encrypted password in the Password.

  7. Re-enter the password in the Confirm Password field to confirm.

  8. Click Backup.

    A backup copy of the database is made on the VidyoPortal. A pop-up displays confirming a successful backup.


  9. Click OK.

    Caution: Because the database is backed up on the VidyoPortal itself, making a backup does not protect you from a hard drive failure on the VidyoPortal. Therefore, you should download backups to an offsite computer as described in the following section.

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