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Securing Your VidyoConferencing System With SSL and HTTPS


To secure your VidyoConferencing system by Enabling SSL and HTTPS Only, you must complete specific configurations done on six sequential tabs from left to right in the Security section of the Super Admin Portal. The tabs include:

  1. SSL Private Key page – This page is used for generating or importing an SSL Private Key.

  2. SSL CSR page – This page is used for generating an SSL Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

  3. Server Certificate page – This page is for deploying your server certificate.

  4. Server CA Certificates page – This page is for deploying your server Certification Authority (CA) certificates.

  5. Applications page – Regarding Security, this page is used to correctly configure HTTPS Port settings to 443.

    This page is also used for Management Interface configurations. For more information, see the Configuring RADIUS section.

  6. Advanced page – This page is for deploying your Client Root CA certificates.

    The Advanced page is also used to upload, import and reset security settings. For more information, see Recovering from an HTTPS failure and Resetting your security configuration to factory defaults.

  7. Passwords page – This page is used for setting password complexity rules and parameters.

    When configuring a VidyoRouter for security, access your VidyoRouter at http://[IP or FQDN address]/vr2conf and use the exact same procedures for VidyoPortal SSL and HTTPS configuration described in Configuring Your Components to Work with HTTPS and Configuring Each VidyoPortal Component to Use Your FQDN.

    • The URL of your VidyoRouter is typically a domain name: http://[IP or FQDN address]/vr2conf. You can also click the VidyoRouter IP address on the Components tab in your VidyoPortal.

    For more information, see Logging in to the System Console of Your Server and Changing the Default Password.

    • Although the default username for this page is admin, only the Super Admin accesses these pages.
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