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VidyoProxy Solution for Traversal of Restricted Networks


Overcoming deployment barriers securely and effectively

Utilizing the Internet to gain cost efficiencies is a significant advantage of the VidyoConferencing solution. Traversing company firewalls, NATs, and web proxies can pose a challenge, particularly if you don’t have control over the firewall, or your company policy prevents you from opening the necessary ports for VidyoConferencing signaling and traffic. The VidyoProxy solution was developed to address this challenge, securely, and effectively.

The VidyoProxy solution comprises both client and server software components. The server component resides on the VidyoRouter appliance and is included with the purchase of the VidyoRouter. The client component is included with the VidyoDesktop purchase and resides in VidyoDesktop as an optionally configured component.

Vidyo solutions for firewalled networks

The actual steps to configure the Firewall NAT and DNS environments are outside the scope of this chapter, and varies based on the Firewall NAT and DNS servers used. This section focuses on the configuration of the VidyoProxy solution.

This appendix assumes that HTTPS and SSL are not configured for the VidyoPortal or VidyoRouter.


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