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Enabling Cross-Tenant Access


This is step 2 of the 11 steps needed to configure a tenant. For the full list of steps when configuring a tenant, see Using the Tenants Table.

To enable cross-tenant access:

  1. Click the to expand the Can make call to section.

    If you have a multi-tenant system you can enable cross‑tenant access for your tenants on this page. Cross-tenant access gives the users of one tenant the ability to place direct calls to and conference with users of another tenant.

    The list of available tenants displays in the Available Tenants list on the left.

  2. Select one or more tenants in the Available Tenants list and drag and drop it to the Selected Tenants list.

    This allows the users of the tenant that you are configuring to call users in the Selected Tenants list. In order to allow the selected tenant’s users to call the tenant being created or edited, you need to repeat this process for each selected tenant. (In other words, the operation provides only a one-way ability to initiate calls.)


    All tenants that display in the Selected Tenants list are eligible for cross‑tenant access. You can move a tenant from the Selected Tenants list back to the Available Tenants list by selecting it and clicking the Left Arrow button.

    You can also click Previous at any point and as many times as necessary to go back and change any of the data you entered.
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