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VidyoPortal Virtual Machine Provisioning Requirements


IMPORTANT NOTICE - ARCHIVED ARTICLE: This article has been archived. Please refer to the published and up-to-date article: Super Admin: Using the VidyoPortal and VidyoRouter Virtual Edition (VE).


VidyoPortal version 3.3 or later is available as a single Virtual Edition that dynamically enforces capacity limits based on the number of vCPU allocated. The following configurations are the only supported configurations:

  VM Configuration Resource Reservation Physical Host
VidyoPortal Capacity vCPU RAM
Min. CPU Speed
10,000 Users; 1,000 Tenants 4 8 100 8 8 3.0
10,000 Users; 1,000 Tenants 6 8 100 8 8 2.0
1,000 Users; 100 Tenants 2 8 100 2 8 2.0


VidyoPortal VE may be run together with VidyoRouter VE and/or VidyoGateway VE on the same physical host server for a low-cost solution.

VidyoPortal VE can be configured to use the Hot Standby software option. For more information, see the Hot Standby section.

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