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Making Configurations on Your VidyoGateway


To make configurations on your VidyoGateway:

  1. Configure your network interface settings in the VidyoGateway System Console. The following criteria should be met:

    • Set your production and management interfaces with IP addresses.
    • Rack your machine properly.
    • Ping your server successfully before proceeding.

    For more information, see “Configuring Network Settings at the System Console” in the VidyoGateway Administrator Guide.

  2. Secure your VidyoGateway server (if applicable).

    For more information, see “Securing your VidyoGateway System with SSL and HTTPS” in the VidyoGateway Administrator Guide.

  3. Register your VidyoGateway to your VidyoPortal by entering your VidyoPortal address in your VidyoGateway.

    For more information, see “Configuring the VidyoPortal Settings” in the VidyoGateway Administrator Guide.
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