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Configuring Your Components as the Super Admin Overview


Components are the software and/or hardware devices that enable your Vidyo system to operate. You can add components to your system to give it added capabilities or capacities, such as connecting to a legacy conferencing system. You must register these components with your VidyoPortal in order for them to work with your VidyoConferencing system. The Components tab enables you to add the following components:

  • VidyoManager – The software component necessary for the functioning of the VidyoPortal.

    Do not perform any tasks on the VidyoManager other than those described below. Many VidyoManager tasks including ones indicated in the following section should only be completed under specific instruction from Vidyo Customer Support.

  • VidyoRouter – Routes video and audio streams between endpoints and intelligently identifies and adjusts to bandwidth and network constraints. You can purchase VidyoRouters to increase your call capacity.
  • VidyoProxy – A software component built into the VidyoRouter that enables authorized endpoints to connect while denying unauthorized connections. It also enables NAT and firewall traversal.
  • VidyoGateway – An optional component that connects the VidyoPortal to legacy conferencing systems, landlines, and cell phones (for voice-only participation). For more information about this component, refer to the VidyoGateway Administrator Guide.
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