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Moving Your VidyoGateway Application to the Management Interface


Now you can explicitly move your VidyoGateway application to the Management Interface.


Unlike applications which you must explicitly move to the Management Interface, SNMP will be automatically moved to the Management Interface as soon as the Management Interface is enabled on the VidyoPortal.

To move a VidyoGateway application to the Management Interface:

  1. Log in to your VidyoGateway using your system console account.

    The URL of your VidyoGateway is typically a domain name: []/.

  2. Navigate to Maintenance > Security.

  3. Click the Ports subtab.

  4. Select MANAGEMENT from the Interface drop-down.


    Optionally, you can also change the Port to which your VidyoGateway is bound.

    In the preceding screenshot, the VidyoGateway is bound to port 443.

  5. Click Save and Apply.

    Changes are applied immediately; therefore, if your VidyoGateway Admin is moved, you are logged out and it is no longer accessible from the Production Interface (PRODUCTION).
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