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Configuring the CDR Database for Remote Access in the Super Admin Portal


For more information, see the CDR Overview.

To configure VidyoPortal to grant remote access to CDR data:

  1. Log in to the Super Admin portal using your Super Admin account.

    For more information, see Logging in to the Super Admin Portal.

    The Components page displays by default.

  2. Click the Settings tab.

    The Upload System License page displays by default.

  3. Click  to the left of Maintenance on the left menu.

  4. Click CDR Access from the submenu.

    The CDR Access page displays.


  5. Leave the CDR Collection and CDR Database Access Control checkboxes selected, and enter the following information:

    • Enter your Username as cdraccess (limited to read and delete privileges).
    • Enter your Password, which is configured using the VidyoPortal Admin portal.
    • Enter your VidyoDashboard IP or Hostname.

      Providing the IP or Hostname on this page provides remote access your CDR data on the VidyoPortal. The VidyoDashboard virtual server may be used for this remote access. For more information about remotely accessing CDR data using VidyoDashboard, refer to the VidyoDashboard Installation Guide. You can use the wildcard character “%” in the IP or Hostname. For example, 192.168.1.% or

  6. Leave the Allow Delete checkbox selected if desired.

  7. Click Save.
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