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Restoring a Backup File No Longer on Your VidyoPortal


Vidyo strongly suggests rebooting your VidyoPortal as the final step when restoring a backup database. Make sure you are able to reboot your VidyoPortal before starting to restore a backup database.

The system license of the database you’re restoring must be equal to or greater than the number of Lines allocated to a tenant.

Caution: The following task destroys the current database file. It’s best to make a backup of the current database file before restoring a prior version.

To restore a backup file no longer on your VidyoPortal:

  1. Follow the Uploading a Backup File procedure in Uploading a Backup File for the desired version of the database on your local machine to put the file back on the VidyoPortal.

  2. Follow the Restoring a Backup File Located on Your VidyoPortal procedure in Restoring a Backup File Located on Your VidyoPortal to restore the backup file.
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