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Understanding the More Options Menu on the System Console


The following list describes commands on the More Options menu.

  1. Configure IP Address – Enter 1 to configure your server IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway addresses. Initially, information must be configured locally. You can also use this option to configure the domain name, hostname, local FQDN, and public FQDN values.

  2. Configure Adobe Connect Plugin – Enter 17 to configure your Adobe Connect Server and Adobe Connect Plugin.

  3. Display System ID – Enter 18 to display system identification data including the Local Time, Universal Time, and the System ID.

  4. User Administration – Enter 19 to perform user maintenance and create additional System Console accounts.

    For more information, see Supporting Multiple System Console Accounts.

  5. Hot Standby – This menu item only displays if you have the Hot Standby option applied on your system. Select H to access the Hot Standby menu.

    For more information, see the Hot Standby section.

  6. Vidyo Support – This menu enables a two-stage authentication process for the Vidyo Customer Support team that enables them to remotely SSH into the VidyoPortal for troubleshooting purposes.

  7. Advanced Options – Enter A to access advanced options.

    For more information, see Understanding the Advanced Options System Administrator Console Menu.

  8. Restart Web Services – Enter W to restart your Web services.

  9. ... (back to previous menu) – Enter b to return to the Main Menu from More Options.
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    Jodi Sergeant

    This article will be archived in one week as the contents are now condensed into one main article called, "Super Admin: Configuring Your Server".  Please reference this new link and article from now on. 

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