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Supporting Multiple System Console Accounts


System Console accounts can be used on the VidyoPortal, the VidyoRouter, and the VidyoGateway.

The System Console menu allows for the creation of up to ten System Console accounts. These accounts are created from the System Console.

To create System Console accounts:

  1. Log in to the System Console of your Vidyo Server.

    For more information, see Logging in to the System Console of Your Server and Changing the Default Password.

    Press the Enter key after each prompt.


  2. Enter m for more options.

  3. Enter 19 to access the User Maintenance menu.


    The User Maintenance screen provides the following options:

    • Enter A to add a user.


    • Enter B to remove a user.
    • Enter C to show all user accounts.
    • Enter x to exit.

    The current user is also shown on the User Maintenance menu.

    In addition to accessing the the System Console menu, the ten System Console accounts can also access the VidyoGateway Admin pages.


    Each new System Console account has a default password of password, which is case sensitive.

    The System Console accounts force a password change on first login. To prevent the use of default passwords, each new System Console user must be present at the local console during account creation. That user must log in and change their password and it must satisfy the password complexity requirements.

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    Jodi Sergeant

    This article will be archived in one week. The contents of this article have been condensed into one main article called, "Super Admin: Configuring Your Server".  Please reference this new link and article from now on. 

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