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Creating a Local System Console Account


To create a local System Console account:

  1. Log in to the System Console.

    Press the Enter key after each prompt.

  2. Enter A for Advanced Options.

  3. Enter a unique username.

  4. Enter y for the confirm changes prompt.

  5. Enter n for the user to be authenticated via RADIUS prompt.

  6. Enter password for the current UNIX password.

    Enter a unique password that follows these password complexity requirements:

    • The password should not be based on the dictionary.
    • The password should not be too similar to the old password.
    • The default setting is at least three characters should be different from the old password.
    • The password should not be too simple or too short.
    • The algorithm here is a point system to satisfy the minimum password length (the default length is eight characters). The password gets extra points if it contains a number, upper case, lower case, or special character. Each point is equivalent to one character.
    • The password should not be a case change of the old password or should not be the reverse of the old password.

  7. Re-enter your new password for the retype new UNIX password prompt.

    If the passwords don’t match, you’ll be prompted to try again. If the passwords match, the System Console menu opens immediately.

When you need to reset the password, use 13. Set 'admin' password. However, if you are logged in with a RADIUS-enabled account and need to use this option, then your account will be converted back to a local System Console account with the standard default password at the next login.



In addition, when using the emergency user functionality with a RADIUS-enabled account, the account will be converted back to a local System Console account as well.

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    Jodi Sergeant

    This article will be archived in one week. The contents of this article have been condensed into one main article called, "Super Admin: Configuring RADIUS".  Please reference this new link are article from now on. 

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