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If you are familiar with VidyoDesktop™, you'll notice that VidyoConnect™ does not yet include some of the features available with VidyoDesktop. The currently unavailable features include:

  • Outbound calling to legacy and IPC contacts is not yet supported. Inbound calling, however, is supported; therefore, you can meet with legacy and IPC contacts by inviting them to your rooms. Outbound calling to legacy and IPC contacts will be introduced in a coming release.

  • The Presenter Mode and Waiting Room features are not yet supported. This means that users who use VidyoConnect to join these types of meeting will not see the Waiting Room notification and will not have the Raise Hand option in Presenter Mode. However, these users will be muted and will not impact the other participants’ experience. If administrators want to block these users from connecting to the conference, they can do so from the Admin Portal.

  • VidyoConnect is only supported in English and is not yet localized in other languages.
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    Petar Krajnovic

    Are these limitations still valid?

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