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Once the Vidyo Neo Client installer file is uploaded and activated on the Super and/or Tenant Admin’s Settings > Upload Endpoint Software page, the client is automatically pushed to users who are logged into the system. Users who do not have Vidyo Neo installed will be instructed to download and install Vidyo Neo when clicking a room link or navigating to the VidyoPortal’s FQDN.

To upload and activate Vidyo Neo on your tenant and/or VidyoPortal, refer to the latest VidyoConferencing Administrator Guide.

After activating Vidyo Neo on the tenant and clicking a room link to join a conference, an HTML landing page displays. The HTML landing page appears as follows:

This page will look different depending upon the browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Edge) and OS used (e.g., OS X, Windows).

Vidyo Neo will attempt to connect if you already have Vidyo Neo installed. The client does not have to be running in order to launch, but must be installed.

Depending on the OS and browser used, a browser pop-up may display and ask for your permission to launch the application. For browsers that display this alert (e.g., Chrome and Firefox), you are advised to select the Remember my choice checkbox so that this alert doesn’t display again. This alert is automatic and Vidyo does not control it.


  • The Join via the browser option displays if the Super Admin has enabled Vidyo Neo for WebRTC access in the Super Admin Portal Settings > Feature Settings > Vidyo Neo for WebRTC page.  
  • If you do not have Vidyo Neo already installed (hence you are not connected to the conference), you are advised to download the client by clicking Download.
    • You do not need to enter a VidyoPortal FQDN in the VidyoPortal field upon logging in, which only displays when you click the Sign in to a different portal button, since it will be auto-populated when downloading Vidyo Neo. However, if you want to enter a different VidyoPortal FQDN, click the Sign in to a different portal button as shown in the Logging in to Vidyo Neo.
    • You do not need to re-click the room link after downloading the client since the room key is automatically propagated upon clicking the meeting link.

For more information about the VidyoPortal administrator settings that can be used for your Vidyo Neo deployment, refer to the VidyoCloud administration > Configuring settings and customizing section .

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