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Creating Vidyo meeting invitations from non-Vidyo meeting events with Vidyo Extension for Google Chrome


To create Vidyo meetings from non-Vidyo meeting events:

  1. Select the pre-existing non-Vidyo meeting from your Google Calendar and click Edit event.

    The Meeting Invite window displays.

  2. Click the Meet via Vidyo! button.

    The Vidyo call information automatically populates in the Description field and the link to the scheduled call displays in the Video Call field.

  3. Edit the remaining Meeting Invite fields as described in step 3 of the "Sending Meeting Invitations Using Google Calendar with Vidyo Extension for Google Chrome" article.

  4. Click Save.

    A pop-up displays asking if you want to send the invitations for the meeting.

  5. Click Send to send the invitations.

    The invitation may go to the recipient’s Spam email folder. However, once the recipient marks it as “Not Spam”, this will not happen again.

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