To install and log into the Vidyo Extension for Google Chrome:

  1. Find “Send a Vidyo Invite” in the Google Chrome web store.

  2. Click ADD TO CHROME.

    A dialog box asks if you want to add the new extension.

  3. Click Add Extension.

    The Vidyo Extension for Google Chrome is added to your Chrome browser and a Vidyo icon appears on the browser window.

  4. Log in to your Google account.

  5. Log in to your Gmail.

  6. Click the Vidyo icon to open the Vidyo Extension for Google Chrome.

  7. Enter your VidyoPortal URL or IP address, and your username and password.

  8. Select the Keep me logged in checkbox if you want to stay logged in to the VidyoPortal even when you close your Google Chrome browser.

  9. Click Log In.

    If you want to log in to the Vidyo Extension for Google Chrome at a later time and you are not already logged in to your Google account, you will have to first click Log In to Google, log in, and log in to your Gmail before logging back in to the extension.

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