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Creating a Vidyo/SAML Application on OKTA


You can use Okta as a cloud-based Single Sign-On (SSO) provider to implement SSO with an Active Directory (AD).

To create a new Vidyo/SAML application on OKTA:

    1. Click Create New Application under Add Application.

    2. Provide a name for the new application.

    3. Provide the portal information in the following fields within the General section:
      • Single sign on URL

      Extract the URL from the portal SP metadata, or use the following format: https://<tenantURL>/saml/SSO/alias/<TenantName>.

      • Audience URI (SP Entity ID) - The VidyoPortal Entity ID is set to the tenant URL by default
      • Default RelayState
      • Name ID format
      • Application username


    4. Setup the attributes statements in the Attributes Statements section based on your requirements for portal users.

      The OKTA provides the username as an email address by default. You can customize it if necessary.


    5. View the OKTA metadata.


    6. Configure the portal/tenant.


    7. Match the mapping based on the attributes configured in OKTA.


    8. Assign users to the application in OKTA.


    9. Log in using any of the following options:
        • Browse to the tenant URL.
        • Log in to OKTA and click on the Vidyo application button.
        • Setup VD in SAML mode using the tenant URL.
        • Log in using VidyoMobile.


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