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VidyoDesktop - No Audio - remote participants cannot hear me


Check the following:

  • Check VidyoDesktop application microphone volume: Click on the down-arrow next to the Mic Icon and ensure gain is not all the way down.
  • Proper microphone device is selected in the VidyoDesktop Configuration: Click the Settings icon (sprocket), go to Devices, Verify proper Microphone is selected.
  • Headset or speakerphone mic is muted or gain too low: Check device locally for mic mute button/switch, and gain levels.
  • Your computer’s Record level setting is muted or too low: Check record device settings in system audio/sound control panel.
  • If USB headset or speakerphone is plugged into USB hub (note often desktop front USB ports are actually a hub): move device to direct local USB port on computer (rear port for desktop).
  • Is mic working when using other applications? If not, check computer’s audio setup and settings.
  • Audio packet loss - In Vidyo Desktop application toolbar, click the Settings icon (sprocket), and on Status page, click Conference Status button. Check for Audio Send Bandwidth in upper left of window. If none, Check with VidyoPortal system administrator, issue points to problem with VidyoRouter or network. If have Audio Send BW, then audio packets are being dropped on the network, have others look for increasing NACKs for you in their Conference Status window participant list, if increasing, then network is dropping packets – contact network admin.
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