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Joining a Call with VidyoWeb


VidyoWeb™ lets you easily join Vidyo™ calls using Windows®, Mac®, or Linux® on your Chrome™, Firefox®, Internet Explorer®, or Safari® browser. 

When you receive an invitation to a Vidyo meeting, you'll see a link in the meeting invitation. By clicking that link, you'll join the meeting using VidyoWeb. However, before you do so, please note the following:

  • Ensure you have what you need:
    • To join a meeting, you need a camera, microphone, and speakers. 
  • Select your devices:
    • When you are not using Chrome or Firefox, you should select your camera and microphone before joining the call.
    • When using Chrome, you can select your camera and microphone on the landing page; when using Firefox, the browser will prompt you to select them. Both Chrome and Firefox automatically select the audio output device based on the microphone selection and OS preferences.
  • Prepare to share content during the call:
    • When using Chrome, you must first install an Extension. You can do this in seconds from within the call without having to disconnect and rejoin.
    • When using Firefox, you cannot share content during the call as this feature is not currently available.
  • Understand how you view participants during the call:
    • When using Chrome or Firefox, you always view the participants in the Active Speaker layout (where the current speaker is displayed in the largest video tile on the screen; also known as Preferred mode). 
    • When using Internet Explorer or Safari, you can toggle between the Active Speaker layout and the Continuous Presence layout (where every video tile is of equal size; also known as "Brady Bunch" mode).

To join a call with VidyoWeb:

  1. Click the link displayed in your email or calendar invite.

  2. Depending on which browser you're using and on whether you've used VidyoWeb before, you may have to download VidyoWeb, enable plug-ins, and/or select your devices. To do so, simply follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Enter your display name.
    This is the name that the other participants will see on your video tile during the call.

  4. Click Join to join the call.

For information about using VidyoWeb during a call, see the VidyoWeb video tutorial.


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