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General Endpoints - My audio or video quality is poor


The issue is experienced by all participants.

  • Settings and network:
    • VidyoPortal Group setting: see if Meeting Room’s or Owner’s Group setting has Bandwidth restrictions.
    • Bandwidth to the VidyoCloud server– 2-3MB per Line
  • Firewalls Issues:
    • Firewalls and VPNs can limit the throughput for video
    • VPNs add SSL or IP Sec headers which can degrade video
    • Firewalls doing SPI can delay or add excessive jitter to video
    • Firewalls can be a bottleneck if overloaded
  • QoS issues:
    • QoS may be active on the network.Make sure Vidyo packets are treated properly.
    • QoS may need to be configured to identify Vidyo packets by Portal and Router(s) IP address(es)/FQDN(s)

The issue is experienced by a group of participants.

  • Settings and network:
    • VidyoCloud Group setting: see if Meeting Room’s or Owner’s Group setting has Bandwidth restrictions.
    • A Web Proxy / Filter restricting or inspecting traffic
    • Not enough bandwidth – check VidyoDesktop Settings Status page for Alarm messages [Config icon (sprocket) will be Red]. Run tests at and to check network conditions (test to servers close to Router location and close to user to compare).
    • Using VidyoProxy – check user’s Settings Status page for ‘Using VidyoProxy message: VidyoProxy may degrade quality of conference due to using all TCP (usually worse quality the further user is from VidyoRouter)
    • Network congestion - packet loss - In VidyoDesktop application toolbar, click the Settings icon, and on Status page, click Conference Status button. Check for Receive Bandwidths (RX KBps) in the Participant list. If none, then the others are muted or packets are being dropped on the network, look for increasing NACKs for each participant, if increasing, then network is dropping packets – contact network admin.
    • Users on wireless – test wired only to see if wireless issue (Access Point placement, Wireless interference / Channel overlapping, Congestion / Half Duplex / Collisions

The issue is experienced by a single participant.

  • Check the following:
    • Computer on low end of system requirements: refer to VidyoDesktop User Guide for minimum vs recommended system requirements.
    • CPU in heavy use – Stop other apps to free resources.
    • CPU in PowerSaver mode – if on battery, connect to power supply.
    • CPU over heating – check System Control Panel and look for large discrepancy between rated and actual running speed of CPU – check PC ventilation.
    • USB issue – USB bus is interfering with audio or video throughput: try other ports, update BIOS and/or chipset drivers.


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